Essay: Motivating factors of military units

10 Oct

Essay: Motivating factors of military units

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This was not only negligence that hindered  the  understanding of the core motivating factor for military unit, but also failure to acknowledge the family factor drive into combat readiness. The worse of all was the assumption made of the single parents who had double psychological burden in terms of tending to their children single handedly while expected to deliver at military mission. This negligence implied that the military family was simply not considered a part of military readiness, yet most recently research by Military Family Resource Center (1984) discovered that military force comprised of 61 percent of single parents.

It is evident that military comprises of large percentage of single parents who ought to be examined on their status impact on the childcare and military readiness. To facilitate this study, the articles I have selected for this study are professional provisions of military readiness that highlights, discusses and asses the impact of single parenthood on childcare and military readiness. Additionally, these articles also points out the institutional importance in an attempt to build and sustain healthy, self-reliant families for single parents as a factor in promoting military readiness.

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