Essay: The modern setting of dating

19 Oct

Essay: The modern setting of dating

Sample Essay

The modern setting of dating has several differences from the traditional setting though there does not lack similarities. Today’s dating is far much better than the traditional one since among other reasons, there is  better communication methods and youths are left to follow their desires in the choices of their dating partners. Though today’s dating varies across cultures, it has been influenced a great deal by globalization and technological changes whereby online dating has become very common. Today’s dating partners may not necessarily be intending to marry but may be dating for companionship or for casual sex. Below are some of the reasons of modern dating that outweighs the traditional type.

There are many challenges facing dating today compared to the traditional setting but the benefits of todays dating outweigh the challenges. People are able to make their own mature decision when it comes to partners without influence from the families. Gender barriers are broken in today’s dating setting where unlike in traditional setting where men had to make critical decisions, women have the freedom to take up any role without restrictions. Globalization and technological changes have contributed positively through bringing people from diversified ethnicity together as well as improving the means of communication.

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