Essay: Military families and combat readiness by Robert j. Schneider

18 Oct

Essay: Military families and combat readiness by Robert j. Schneider

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This article discusses the issues that relates to impact of parent on the military readiness and the children care with precise emphasis on the single parents. In exploring the issue, the article gives the insight of the relationship between military-family issues and its impact on the combat readiness as causal effect from family life. The article gives insight into the historical evolving correlation between military and its families, moreover, the articles examines the military culture in order to enhance a better understanding of the military-family issues better.

Article summary

This publication highlights that Single parents are officially recognized as military heads of households and provided the same financial and service benefits as married counterparts. However due to the traditional army culture, the single parents are usually not included in formal unit family activities like support groups and also not included in the unit mailings to military families. The challenges to single parent’s accounts to their great risk for coping up with parental need for their children and achieving combat readiness. As a consequence, it has impact and implication to their children and mission at hand accelerated by their circumstance of being single parents.

The article reiterates the military life and its associated stress which tend to multiply for single parents. As a result, it has tremendous effect on soldier well-being and, in turn, on the well-being of the soldier’s family.  To the children this give rise to single parent inability to fully meet the domestic and child care responsibilities. Furthermore, single parent military stress impact negatively on their children in the sense that father or mother absence has profound negative effect on children’s social and psychological development. While on the other hand the stress derived from family or failure to fully tend to the children makes the single parent to have low satisfaction, leading to low motivation hence significantly reducing their combat readiness.  However, the article suggests that various agencies should come in and support single parents.

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