Essay: Military families and mission readiness

12 Oct

Essay: Military families and mission readiness

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Within scope of defense issues, military family proves to be a subject of interest to many scholars, since family issues have a direct bearing on the military readiness. For over long period of time many have acknowledged that there is an evolving history that remarkably points out a strong correlation between the military and families. Therefore, it can be universally seen that as chosen topic of study that military family issues are associated with combat readiness. Since there exist military-family issues correlation and family issues affects combat readiness, it follows that the study of family issues like single parenthood in the military sector shall enhance a better understanding of the of psychological preparedness (Knudson, 2003) of the single parents in the military unit, which have direct impact on combat readiness of this soldiers.

Unfortunately, this correlation is too sensitive when it comes to the single parents owing to the fact that they have to offer parentage their children while at the same time offer services to the military missions. In this research discussion, it focuses primarily to the active-duty U.S. Army and other U.S. military services such as Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force (Military Family Clearinghouse, 2002). The justification for the study is held in the sense that for over a long period of time in the studies regarding to organizational prevention of combat stress casualties or any other aspect of military readiness, military family were not included.

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