Essay: Migration to the US

Sample Essay

My quest to succeed in all my endeavors, and specifically, excel in education has and gives back to my family and the people of Korea who face many challenges have been my major goal in life. Taking into consideration that I moved to America at a tender age of 12 years in 2003, I had to overcome many challenges in order to achieve my lifetime goals.

Nonetheless, my high degree of discipline, dedication to duties and my ability to learn fast have made me to easily adopt to this diverse culture in the land of opportunity, America. Being a native Korea, among my major challenges that I easily overcome was learning English and living without my father who had to remain at Korea where he worked. Since family was financially unsecured, my father had to worker for longer periods to sustain his family that relocated to USA. The guidance form my father from my late cousin gave me a strong foundation in adopting the American lifestyle.

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