Essay: Methodologies for Selecting Graduate Students

17 Oct

Essay: Methodologies for Selecting Graduate Students

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According to Hayes (2007) there are inhibitive methodologies for selecting graduate students. More often than not, the measures used are dependent on standardized exam results which are aimed at determining the graduate success rate. While some institutions use GRE’s others prefer the Undergraduate Grade-Point Average. The researcher is adamant at presenting the observable loopholes which present themselves when these measurements are used independent of other considerations like the motivation capacities for graduate success.

In this bid, Hayes (2007) declares that these measurements are indeed inadequate for rating the graduate success of nontraditional students. In addressing this problem the research seeks to answer the research question of whether the student strength index can be used as a design tool for establishing the graduate success rates of students. In essence, the purpose of the study is to create the Student Strength Index (SSI) which can be used in assessing the motivation, interaction and cognition of nontraditional graduate students. Following this conceptualization it will be examined whether non-cognitive instruments can be used in measuring competencies such as motivation and in turn whether they are able to predict success in graduate school. Together with the GRE and UGPA, Hayes (2007) predicts that this tool will be crucial in addressing the existing gap between admission of traditional and nontraditional graduates.

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