Essay: Medical errors in treatment of Aids

20 Oct

Essay: Medical errors in treatment of Aids

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Furthermore, medical errors are easily dismissed as well. The ill-perceived medical care system in Africa practices “consumption of the poor.” (Farmer184). They reserve disease resistant drugs for the limited patients who can afford the sky rocketing costs. This is one reason why the epidemic continues to spread across communities.  The doctors diagnose “mistook drug-resistance” for noncompliance, and prescribe inadequate regimen because the majority of patients cannot afford the full-prescription (Farmer199).

The patients continued to be blamed for their failure to respond to the treatments and regular visits to the hospitals.  However, it is the hostile environment of the hospitals and ill care of the civilian patients.   In addition, in certain cases, the patient’s situations of noncompliance are far exaggeration of the truth.  For instance, biomedical practitioners tell the patients to drink clean water, when they failed to do so, they labeled the patient as non-compliant.  Additionally, they tell the patient to eat well or stay away and sleep separately from others.  However, the doctors should know that it is impossible to eat well, access clean water, or gain privacy in small hut in poor rural area. At last, the patients are labeled “non-compliant.”  (Farmer 199). Medical errors and mismanagement is a form of structural violence taken advantage of against the poor and results of social inequalities.

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