Essay: Media’s role in shaping perceptions

11 Oct

Essay: Media’s role in shaping perceptions

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The media plays a critical role in shaping the perceptions and general character of the viewers. In this regard, Gentile, Saleem and Anderson (2007: 17) indicate that it is particularly influential in moulding the character of the youth as well as the entire population. In his review,Griffiths(2005: 39) notes that the content of the media is interpreted by various personalities differently. Its ability to determine the characters of individuals stems from the fact that it is used by the viewers in construction of the relative meanings of their day to day lives. In this respect, it is posited that the viewers associate the content in the media with their relationships and other facets of their lives.

Increasingly, video games have assumed an elevated niche in the media industry because of its popularity. Karen (2003: 54) indicates that video games are the most played and take up a great percentage of the public’s time. Statistical evidence shows that presently, a significant percentage of the population prefers video games to watching television. In addition, the games are easily available in on portable electronic devices like phones and therefore can be played from anywhere. Of great concern however is the fact that the video games are interactive in nature.

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