Essay: Measuring of Ethnicity Concept in Migration

11 Oct

Essay: Measuring of Ethnicity Concept in Migration

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Migration is physical movement of people from one place to another  sometimes over a long distances due to push or pull factors in such of employment, conducive environment or being forced to move by occurrences of natural catastrophes, these migration has effects on ethnicity as stated:

Migration size and ethnicity value is on rise due to globalization and strong process of change is experienced as large mass of people are migrating. The identification of migration measurements is through assimilation, separation, integration and marginalization as stated by Klaus F. Zimmerman and same case by Mark Thomson and Maurice Crul (2007).

Tim Dertwinkel (2008) suggests that the minority suffer severe inequity in the economy, politics and social sectors with limited resources. The minority are characterized by less education, poor health, poverty, poor housing structures, roads, high school drop outs, unemployment and poor access to social amenities. He further states that the minorities in form of migrants are the most vulnerable in society as far as economic growth are concerned.

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