Essay: What is the meaning of The Censors

12 May

Essay: What is the meaning of The Censors

Sample Essay

‘The Censors’ is an apt illustration and an allegory of how ordinary mortals start thinking of themselves as gods once they have some power over others. In almost all cases of humans, whenever a preordained authority bestows some of its power on them, that person develops a self-righteousness that makes him believe that he is there to correct all the wrongs of the world. Power makes people so oblivious to the morality of their actions that they start believing that they are entitled to correct others while doing anything they like such as when the author says “He was at the point of feeling proud of himself; he was at the point of knowing that he had finally found his true path.”

There are several congruent themes in the story which support this thesis statement. Among these is the theme where people lose themselves in their aim to become more and more powerful as they progress in an organization. This is true in real life, where individuals are so engrossed in everyday work and dealing with day to day tasks that in their endeavor to succeed they lose sight of their own morality. And in being occupied with advancing their careers forget to listen to their inner conscience and are led astray.

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