Essay: Maximizing size of System Global Area

11 Oct

Essay: Maximizing size of System Global Area

Sample Essay

Weng ( 1999), defines The SGA as a memory shared memory region allocated by oracle It has Redo log buffer of changes for transactional support, cursors used for SQL and programmatic support, shared pool used for SQL support and Database Buffer cache which is the disc block cache. The more RAM allocation to SGA, the better oracle will run. Installation of some extra Megs of RAM greatly improves database performance.

In addition to the above performance improvement methods, Oracle also does offer advice which helps in showing problems in your oracle system and how to deal with them thereby improving database performance (Bhakthavatsalam, 2008). The process involves identification of bottlenecks and fixing them if found in a system. Improving performance might not be achieved in a single attempt because the removal of one bottleneck may reveal yet another one. However, through frequent and rigorous elimination of bottlenecks, applications can be rid of bugs and made more scalable.

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