Essay: Max Weber Model of Bureaucracy

11 Oct

Essay: Max Weber Model of Bureaucracy

Sample Essay

In order to gain a better understanding of the health care functioning of the in relation to the organization bureaucracy, major efforts should be directed towards attributes that influences organizational decision-making and effectiveness. This attributes are based on the Max Weber model of bureaucracy that identifies four major attributes which gives the model its advantage over others. These are efficiency, impersonality, speed and predictability that bureaucracy model has them all at a time as opposed to other models and sociological views that no model can have a combination of this attributes at a time.

Additionally, the desirable elements of bureaucracy like Hierarchical structure where mostly higher officers supervise the lower officials, Procedural of bottlenecks and their solution, Nature of work and progress, Decision – making and maintenance of all records, and Procedural devises for policy – decisions and recruitment of functionaries.

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