Essay: Massacre in the US

Sample Essay

The author gives an insight to the reader of how this massacre shaped the history of the United States of America. The author shows how the soldiers were brutal in how they attacked the youth even though they were not armed. However, it starts out as a joke in the end five men lie down dead from the use of excessive force by the soldiers. When they realize that, the residents are grouping up after they have fought with the boys they retreat to their barracks to ask for reinforcement.

In the story, the author gives an account of the events that led to the death of five innocent people. Two of the dead were minors since they were seventeen years of age and these are Christopher Monk and John Clark. Another person who died in the shootout was Mr. Samuel Gray who died on the spot. Several others were injured even though they were not part of the riots. This was meant to show how the soldiers were brutal in handling the Boston natives. The way the author describes John Clark as a son of a widow and who was full of life is to show the reader the act of the soldiers was of grave concern and it ought have been avoided at all costs.

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