Essay: Maslow`s-Hierarchy of Needs

12 Oct

Essay: Maslow`s-Hierarchy of Needs

Sample Essay

Maslow`s-Hierarchy of Needs is the best theory that summarizes the behaviors and leadership styles that were adopted in Michael`s company. The theory is based on the assumptions that individuals derive their motivation through five common needs that can be presented from their ranking order as: Physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, ego and esteem needs and self actualization needs (Bies, 2001 p.102).

Physiological needs are recognized as the top ranking and they constitute the need to have some of the basics such as food and water. In the theory, it is argued that the lack of these essentials would motivate them to do nothing else other that seeing they have achieved them. On a different context, individuals who are focused towards achieving a specific goal would not rest till such a goal is accomplished. The safety needs on the other hand relates to security and shelter which consequently become the motivators of behavior.

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