Essay: Marketing Company era

11 Oct

Essay: Marketing Company era

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During 1960s most companies had marketing departments fully established and had marketing managers that conceptualized marketing. Thus, there was a need to develop a marketing strategy that captures sales persons, short term marketing plans and long term marketing plan to be employed in the out shadowing the competitors and satisfy, retain and attract customers. This is the most ever competitive and dynamic era in the marketing history. This is due to rapid changes in the political, economical, demographical, technological and natural forces that shape the marketing environment. This calls for production and marketing basing on the customer’s perspective rather than firm’s product.

For instance, In 1980s,USenvironment was distinctive in laissez-faire policies, rate of growth, and sheer size gave rise both to the large, vertically integrated corporation and mass consumer market (Alexander, 2000, p.231). While income distribution changes (Charles, 2007; George, 2004) from consumption frenzy to squeezed consumer and value marketing from 1980’s to 1990’s and 2000’s respectively.

The marketing is highly characterized by consumer targets and psychographics. Which is evident for instance the US seven generation of GI Generation; 74 + years accounts for 9.1% , Depression;  64-73 years is 6.5%, War Babies; 58-63 years accounts for 5.7%, Baby Boomers; 39-59 years accounts 28.2% which translate to 78 million, Generation X;  27-38years accounts for 16.4%  real figures of 45 million, Generation Y;  9-26years  accounts for 25.8%  having a figure of 72 million and Millennials; 0-8 years accounting for 8.3%. These seven generation needs, choices and preference varies greatly across each consumers (Taylor 1998, p. 319). For instance Generation Y: Have large amount of disposable income and comfortable with computer technology and pragmatic. Thus internet marketing, computer, technological innovations and food furniture and clothes works for this generation.

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