Essay: Managing culturally diverse teams

12 Oct

Essay: Managing culturally diverse teams

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With the current globalization trends, cultural diversity within local and international organizations is common. This is instrumental in enhancing organizational productivity as various conceptions are merged and used in creating new products. However, this can also be a source of conflict and if not handled in an effective manner can compromise the wellbeing of the entire organization. Indeed, it can be ascertained that majority of global organizations fail to achieve their maximal potential due to scouring implications of mismanagement of cultural issues. In his article about managing culturally diverse teams, Peter Gwynne contends that while cultural disagreements in a diverse organization are bound to occur, they are not entirely insoluble.

In this review, Gwynne (2009, p. 68) begins by reviewing a couple of case studies that have occurred in the past and how the relevant stakeholders handled them. In all case studies, the solution assumed tidbits of the perceptions of the warring parties. In the long run, a more diverse and acceptable solution that addressed the needs of both parties was devised and employed in management. He introduced the fusion approach that was invented by Jeanne Brett. This is fundamentally characterized by two collaborative concepts that include meaningful participation and coexistence of differences Gwynne, 2009, p. 68). The founder considers this a creative approach to managing cultural differences within an organization as every party is given an equal chance to contribute to organizational goals.

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