Essay: Management Plan-Kuiper Leda Company

12 Oct

Essay: Management Plan-Kuiper Leda Company

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It is a point of worth to mention that in building of a better Inventory Management Plan and production schedule, creation of a forecast of customer demand in necessary. According to Babb (2008), forecasting customer demand for services and products it is a proactive process of determining what products are needed where, when, and in what quantities, which is the most fundamental tasks that a business ought to perform. In this light, forecast of customer demand system is not limited in materials management, it will facilitate better adjust production schedules of supplies and labor.

By doing so, forecast of customer demand shall lead to better management of its human capital resources and financial resources that will enhance a smooth supply chain owing to their critical elements in the business operations. Practically, forecasting shall allow the company to allocate sufficient human capital and financial resources to manufacturing both items as opposed to outsourcing the ECUs. Therefore, forecast of customer demand helps Kuiper Leda Company to respond to customers needs due to minimal disruption in the production and supply chain.

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