Essay: Maltreatment in Aids

19 Oct

Essay: Maltreatment in Aids

Sample Essay

Maltreatment of patients in the rural areas is not a rare phenomenon, there are many people turned away due “non-compliance,” “lack of medical resources,” as medics tell them that, there is “nothing we can do; your case is too chronic.” (Farmer 193)  For example, Corina Bayona was the poorer peasant.  In 1989, she showed initial symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis.

However, Corina’s illness worsened and was unable to complete her treatment due to lack of funds.  Corina’s husband Carlos was only able to get the two of four drugs prescribed.  Corina was turned away in other clinics because she did not adhere to the standard therapy.  Later, she sought for help at the University hospital, but again, she could not purchase the medications and supplies prescribed.  In other clinic, she was told that she must bring her own “syringes, gloves, and gauze.”

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