Essay: Making policies with respect to ethics

Sample Essay

Whenever a group of people are involved in making policies with respect to ethics, there is always a dispute due to diversity of opinions. This diversity become or serves as the window throw which the participants use to see reality. A country like Australia which is involved in coal mining process is not immune to ethical conflicts among stakeholders[1]. They will have different ethical opinions in respect to the effects the coal mining activity has to the environment. Inasmuch as it is seen as a beneficial economic activity to Australia others will regard it as an activity threatening the environment and even push for its eradication.

This study will analyze the various environmental ethics viewpoints and ethical positions supporting it. In particular, it will look at the anthropocentrism and ecocenrtism. It will also explore the different ethical positions namely, deep ecology, social ecology, human welfare ecology, developmentalism and cornucopian. This shall be illustrated by practical examples in the general environmental realm and also apply them to coal mining activity in Australia.

[1] Frederick A. F., 1995, The use of stakeholder analysis to understand ethical and moral issues in the   primary resource sector. Journal of Business Ethics, vol.14, No.8, p.653-661

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