Essay: Major US military Operation in the Korean war

11 Oct

Essay: Major US military Operation in the Korean war

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The third phase offensive launched on the 1951’sNew Year’s Eve marked the first of the major battles that the US forces as United Nations army faced. With general matthew ridway in charge of the US eith army, the enemy succeeded in launching the Chinese new years offensive by use of night attcks, a tactic that saw them outdo the united nation’s forces thus conquring seoul in January 4, 1951. This defeat almost persuaded general MacArthur to use nuclear wepons against the enemy who were now chines and north Koreans. Due to logistic [problems and other echnical inabilities the PVA could not advane in their offensive and thuis wer limited to seuol.

The battle moved to samcheok which is in the eastern rfgion of korea, suwon in the west and the central region of wonju. Later on, wonju was captured on February 5, 1951 after the ooperation roudup ordered by general Ridgway. This was followed by the hoengseong battle launched by thr fourth phase offensive of the PVA. The mission was however unsuccessful as he IX corps atb chipyong were well equkiped to counterattack. This battle came to be known as the Gettysburg of the Korean war where 5,600 troops of the allied forces fought in a 15 to 1 ration against the Chinese communist forces and emerged  victorious. The US 23rd regimental combat of the 2nd US  infantry division was actively involved in this battle.

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