Essay: Major Shifts in Marketing Eras

11 Oct

Essay: Major Shifts in Marketing Eras

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In the entire marketing environment, there have been drastic changes that seem to be shaped by marketing environment dynamism. This is in terms of five distinct eras characterized by the way marketing was organized and executed. Initially, man produced commodities for his own family consumption evolved from long history of agrarian and industrial revolution. The major aspect that have contributed to this great shifts is fact that man started specializing in production of commodities for their family and disposed off the surplus. This specialization created demand gap for individual to satisfy their needs and want, the necessitated establishment of middlemen who met the needs of consumers flexibly (Thompson, 1966, p.147).

Simple trade period

This era was characterized families who specialized in production of commodities, thereafter selling them to middlemen as their surplus to be delivered to final consumer. At this phase of marketing era, the population served by the middlemen was quite low, that shaped the nature of demand experienced. Thus this few surplus could meet the demand effectively.

Additionally, there was low infrastructural and technological development that could enhance demand arousal in more clients to cause possible sales (Wesley, 2002, p.128). For instance advertisement was minimally used, transport and communication to facilitate the linking up of the marketers and potential consumers was a great challenge. Therefore, during simple trade era there was a lack of information on who demanded what, where and when.

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