Essay: Major US operations in the Korean war

17 Oct

Essay: Major US operations in the Korean war

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In February 1951, the KPA and the PVA armies were under siege by the allied forces when the eighth army launched the operation killer. The battle saw I corps occupy Hoengseong while IX corps captured and held the southern part of the Han River. Another serious battle was witnessed when the eith army attacked seoul in marchy the 7th 1951 reducing the owns population from 1.5 million to 200,000. This was still under tge command of general macarthur. However, general mavarthur was relieved off his duties by president Truman who appointed general Ridgway to that osition and generaljames van fleet to replace Ridgway.

Two operation were made under this command. Operation tomahawk and courageous on march 23and 23-28, 1951 respectively further weakend the enemy forces prompting a retaliatory battle dubbed the Chinese spring offensive (Fifth Phase Offensive) that as eventually counterattacked at the no name line in the northern part of seoul. These ground battles came to be named  as those of Kapyong and imjin riveras they took place cocurently between the 22-25 april 1951.These battles were finalized by the attacks on X corps and the rock army in the eastern region of korea but unfortunately countered until the armistice that came in 1953 marking the end of the war.

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