Essay: Maintenance of Policy on Anti Doping

15 Oct

Essay: Maintenance of Policy on Anti Doping

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The stumbling block of effective anti-doping is that the concerns that maintenance of the policy has been left only to political support. The effort of tackling issue in the past ten years has not been progressing since that the main impediments of tackling doping in sport were series of subversive governments. Despite the change and improvement of the policy, the policy remains an intense skepticism among many sports organizations in regard to the depth of government commitment.

However, there are a number of positive developments which proofs more effective in future.  The most notable is the number of co-operation on anti-doping issues between governmental and sports organizations. At the scientific level, the project is aimed at developing a test to identify the presence of growth hormones and doping relies on joint funding for the policy to be effective.  The greatest threat to the anti-doping campaign is the loss of public commitment to an anti-doping policy, each member must be involved in the policy in order to have just and fair sporting environment for benefit of each person. The foundational ethical standard of existing policy is the sustained disapproval of doping by the majority of those involved in sport and the continuing vocal public support for current anti-doping efforts.

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