Essay: Limitation of the CCTV model of Technology

11 Oct

Essay: Limitation of the CCTV model of Technology

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Technology of any sort always comes with a number of diverse capabilities. The evolution and usage of closed circuit television cameras and related technologies have a very wide scope of challenges and limitations associated to it. To begin with, most CCTV camera related technologies are rarely fully independent. Human support is constantly demanded in order to ensure that the security systems are put into proper usage. The need to manage the various stages of innovation has indeed proved to be very complex to a number of users of the system.

Other than the need to recruit very competent persons that would manage the available security systems, it is always crucial to ensure that proper management of the management is constantly done. The fluid stage of managing innovation to the mature stage through the transition stage, it is very evident that innovation and integration of close circuit television systems is indeed a very complex process (Dyer and Reeves 1995). This is a clear indication that CCTV cameras are not fully independent and their efficient and effective utilization demands constant human innovation through repairs, modifications and configuration of the diverse technologies concerned.

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