Essay: Life after prison-Research Strategy

Sample Essay

Being a qualitative research analysis study, available literature circumventing the overall issue of males being labeled as ex-offenders was used was used to design several methodological ideas used for this study. One of the most powerful indications of this is the fact that semi-structured interviews were used to collect data. Qualitative analysis is also boosted by the fact that several internet sources were frequently consulted to further authenticate and weigh credibility of methods best suiting this research.

This method does not only gave room for better and accurate information but also exposes further information that quantitative methods would not (Hersen, & Rosqvist, 2008, p.82). The issue of male ex-offenders having difficulties in securing jobs is a psychological one and much detailed in emotions suffered by this group. Information regarding such details can best be obtained and analyzed using a qualitative approach as it allows a researcher get closer insights of information about such psychology-oriented views. Qualitative approaches are known to have a sociological significance in extracting information from respondents. It was for this reason that this exercise was done using the method.

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