Essay: Life after prison-male offenders

18 Oct

Essay: Life after prison-male offenders

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Applying the hierarchy of offences committed, Honka et al. Further, reveal that male offenders were the most affected with more than 60 percent of serious crimes in the UK committed by males. Furthermore, 70 percent of serious crimes are sexual related again proving further that employment preconditions affect males more than their female counterparts (28). The study further shows that many employers would never consider this kind of offenders for hire.

Being most affected by such decisions by employers, male ex-offenders find themselves on the receiving end as their chances of being hired after incarceration are already predetermined as slim by the existing law. According to Keith (2008, p. 21), this effect psychologically demeans such individuals’ prospects of ever getting back in to the society and live jus like any other citizen. She suggests mitigations on this would possibly come from legislators who should consider introducing laws that would not seem to have a bias on any citizen. This suggestion seems unrealistic as the decision finally lays in employers hands.

Computerization of individual profiles making them more accessible to various authorities has by greater lengths affected the chances of an offender getting hired or even attempting to apply for a particular position  (Coote & Institute for Public Policy Research (London, England), 1994, p. 37). It has created a lot of fear in ex-convicts who fear their criminal records again being exposed to the public despite the fact that particular person may have relocated to a different place.

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