Essay: Life after prison-Lowered self-esteem

17 Oct

Essay: Life after prison-Lowered self-esteem

Sample Essay

A feeling of unworthiness is more prevalent in males than in females especially when cornered by situations they can do little about as Visher,et al. (2007, p. 301) puts it. Male ex-offenders are no different, as they will tend to treat themselves as out casts assuming that their social images are irreparable. It is estimated that more than three quarters of those released from prisons allover UK have a feeling that they are outcast and are therefore not worthy to live with other people as they used before (306).

Because of this, very few would prefer applying for a job and being certain of getting it making most of them give up on such goals. Social status of a man is generally regarded with more respect compared to that of a woman despite the fact the modern world depicts a different thing, contrary to this notion that men are the sole providers and heads in many social settings. However, this status is damaged when one gets into prison for various offences creating a self-belief that they are not worthy living a decent life anyway as men should.

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