Essay: Life after prison-Development of a Denial status

17 Oct

Essay: Life after prison-Development of a Denial status

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Most of psychological problems developed when under custody affect both males and females equally. However, psychological studies expose the truth behind the degree of prevalence between the two sexes with males being affected most to the extent of this problem is being assumed to be for males only ( Russell & Stephen, 2002, p. 49). Denial is one such kind of problem developed mostly by men who internally and externally express it.

In instances where ones criminal record is obtained and a request to be treated as ex-offender is floated, most men rejected such request with most of them expecting a more dignified treatment arguing that they had been innocently incarcerated. Denial is more prevalent in young ex-offenders who fear damaging their images hence hardening their future even further (53). This behavior keeps most men out of employment prospects after prison, which contribute to more recidivism.

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