Essay: Life after prison-Little preference to and rehabilitation

11 Oct

Essay: Life after prison-Little preference to and rehabilitation

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Being labeled as an ex-offender as stipulated by Graham & Crighton (2010, p. 39) lowers one interest of joining rehabilitation centers as a study conducted in 2002 indicates. Only 40 percent of released individuals would consider admission into a rehab to shape their behavior with only 19 percent of interviewed males compared to 45 females would undoubtedly accepting the offer (41). This is attributed to assumption that ones image in the society is already damaged and little can be done to mend it.

Male ex-offenders have shown little interest in rehabs and have preferred living as they used to hence an increase in recidivism rates across the European Union (Keith, 2008, p. 17). Importance of rehabilitation cannot be over emphasized as it play a crucial role in assisting one to change his or her behavior and fit into the society comfortably.

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