Essay: Life after prison-gathering information

10 Oct

Essay: Life after prison-gathering information

Sample Essay

Given the fact that crime is commonly associated with a certain groups of people such as particular races or sex, there was a possibility of incurring undue intrusion from this fact. It was considered that the researcher has no any special authority to investigate all phenomena. The need to gather the most accurate information was in way used as justification to investigate one of the most sensitive social liabilities, crime.

Any revelation about data collected was lefty upon the researcher who can either reveal it or choose to keep it secret. As already mentioned security data is very confidential and should be left in the hands of the authorities only (Kimmel, 1988, p. 126). Publishing of any data without approval is prohibited. Despite the fact that disclosure of identities is not allowed by research ethics, an option was left for the two parties, researcher and respondent, to agree on whether to disclose identity details or not. Researchers cannot be held accountable for any repercussions in the event where the respondent chooses to reveal his or her identity.

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