Essay: What is Libertarianism

19 Feb

Essay: What is Libertarianism

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Libertarianism is a concept of philosophy which states the presence individual liberty in people. It states that humans are free to chose the alternatives which best suit them. They are allowed to make choices bases on their own preferences and predetermined criteria. Libertarianism tends to promote this freedom by stating that everyone should be given the right to make their own choices.

Libertarianisms have been debating against determinists in regard to their approach toward psychology and their points of views. They state that even though determinism may exist the factors that influence the decision making are of the choosing of the individuals. They state that when individuals experience deliberation it is about their own behavior, their future prospects and their own actions. They clearly state that people to not deliberate on issues if they do not relate to them. Another debate that they have against the determinists is that they believe that their exists no necessities and governing body which can result in a causal or logical determination as all decision are made based on the individuals self perception and choices only.

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