Essay: What is Leisure

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Leisure from time immemorial is regarded as one of the most enjoyable moments of human beings. Every man of good sense gets involved in leisure for relaxation purposes or for other motives.  It is believed that leisure is an element of the common good. Leisure involves mental contemplation, again, while at leisure individuals get involved in acts of meditation[1].

They are able to contemplate reality, make sense out of it and discover reality’s importance to themselves. This contemplation enables the mind to conceive the author for that reality and even get involved in divine fellowship and glorification. Such acts of the mind have a philosophical orientation and as such become an emancipation of the human mind from the contamination as a result of corruption, bias and prejudice. A mind free of bias or prejudice overcomes utilitarian interests and hence serves for the interest of the others. A philosophically oriented society works for the well-being of all[2]. Laws grounded on philosophical principles detach themselves from greed and instead strive for the human empowerment and betterment. Communities should liberalize education and free the mind from the chains of enslaving ideologies manifest in cultures or traditions. Such communities enjoy leisure to the maximum.

[1] William, Blackstone. Commentaries on the Laws of England, Oxford University Press, 1765-69, p. 89

[2] Ibid, p. 62

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