Essay: Leaders should be creative

10 Oct

Essay: Leaders should be creative

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Women, for a very long time have found have had adaptive change as one of their biggest challenges in leadership. The challenge results from ambiguous situations with ill-defined problems and lack of clear intended solutions (Ginnett, 1993, pp.71-97; Greenberg, 2005, pp.5-33). Adaptive work normally demands leaders to be creative in the ways, in which they observe, orient, evaluate, and actually engage in problem solving. Working through adaptive challenges often requires leaders to delegate authority in order to work towards achieving certain solutions (Legge, 2004). At times men perceive the art of women delegating tasks to them as a sign of being undermined in the society (McLean, Osman-Gani & Cho, 2004). Technical change can be achieved by implementing solutions such as various steps that are dictated by procedures and constant follow up.

The very demanding and increasingly rapidly changing nature of environments in which women are expected to operate in need a very delicate balancing act on women related issue in order to promote both sexes (Greenberg, 2005, pp.5-33). The ambiguity of high-risk environments coupled with adaptive challenges begs the following question: Is leadership shared and does it favor a specific gender? Indeed the nature of a team’s task is a key factor in determining who the most qualified individual to lead the team is. The fact that women leadership is a very delicate balancing act in the society best explains why three hundred persons were chosen as a research sample (Carlyle, 1984; Gitman & Carl, 2005).

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