Essay: Law making process in Canada

10 Oct

Essay: Law making process in Canada

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Law making is the main role played by the Canadian parliament. This process involves series of legislative activities that have to follow certain specific procedures laid down by the houses’ standing orders. The complexity nature of law making calls for a lot of time thus much time of the parliament is consumed in the process. This paper seeks to elaborate on the process involved in law making in Canadian legislature and how laws are generally processed before enforcement. The new anti-spam law that received royal ascent on December 16 2010 is the case used to further explain in details about how a bill becomes a law in Canada (Neil).

An individual who happens to be a member of parliament triggers a cascade of law making process a responsibility given by the constitution and further approved by the people who elect him or her. The member of parliament initially begins by coming up with a proposal based on the available legal frameworks (John, & Thomas, 22). These are usually his personal views about what should be done about a certain subject that he or she thinks need to controlled using the law. He or she then formulates the bill with methods appropriate to the subject matter and eventually drafting of the bill after which the bill ready for the next stage that is parliament (24).

In this prelude stage, a parliamentarian might be approached by various groups such as the business community, faith based organization, gender based groups, humanitarian organizations or even individuals who might contribute to detection of a real problem not captured under the law and ought to (John, $ Thomas,  11). The problem could be an issue affecting the people he or she is representing or the general population. In this case, Hon. Tony clement may have collected his ambitious bill agenda from the information and technology players.

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