Essay: Law making process in Canada-Senate considerations

11 Oct

Essay: Law making process in Canada-Senate considerations

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This is another critical stage in the process of law making in the Canadian system of legislation. The senate goes by very similar procedures with those of the house. When the senate decides that a bill has no any need to be amended, it sends the message to the House of Commons informing it that ascent could be given shortly after (Compendium). Since most government motion come from the parliament, the senate may decide to get involved in the bill processing chapter before it get to the senate for approval. The senate may also refer a bill to a house committee for amendments just as it happened with this bill on spam (Compendium).

The anti-spam bill received its first attention from the senate on   November 24, 2010 when in was read for the first time implying that a pre-study was done to the House of Commons had not processed it fully by then. Second reading took place on   December 9, the same year when the bill was sent to the transport and communications committee once more indicating the important role played by the interdepartmental cooperation within the corridors of law making chambers. Third reading was on December 14, 2010 (Michael).

The   Canadian system provides for what is referred to as a pre- study. This enables it to stud the bill and if amendment proposals are arrived at, they are sent to the parliament or House of Commons for consideration (John, & Thomas, 29). The House of Commons usually welcome such amendments and grant them a chance to be effected. Administrative issues and drafting mishaps are usually give first priority by the senate before proposing any amendments. Incase proposed amendments by the senate are rejected by the House of Commons leading to a stand off, a conference is called to discuss the differences (31). This has rarely been witnessed recently in Canada as such stand offs are not common.

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