Essay: Law making process in Canada-Royal assent

12 Oct

Essay: Law making process in Canada-Royal assent

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This stage culminates into introduction of a new law by an act of parliament. The ceremony is done in either writing or the traditional format where all parties involved in the process namely the crown, senate, and the House of Commons come together (Compendium). It however abides by certain preconditions that a bill must fulfill in order to become law. First, the bill must have completed the legislation process as required by law and secondly, both the House of Commons and the senate must have passed the bill in the same form without any alterations whatsoever (Michael).

Royal assent is granted either in a written form or traditionally where senate members come in the senate chamber together their counterparts in the house of common in (John & Thomas, 26). In the written form, the clerk of the house meets with the governor general and presents a written document indicating that then bill has been given a go ahead by both the senate and the House of Commons.

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