Essay: Law making process in Canada-Opposition to the bill

12 Oct

Essay: Law making process in Canada-Opposition to the bill

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Tony clement was very outraged by the opposition some NDP members were offering the anti-wireless and internet spam bill which he had drafted and introduced on may 25th 2010. NDP industrial critic Brian Masse was reported by a local paper ‘the wire report’ to have suggested that the bill had a number of mistakes he called ‘sleeper clauses’ and required some minor amendments (Eva, and Rebecca). Another critic and liberal MP said that his party would consider NDPS views and decide whether the amendments were necessary. This opposition was more of the political gimmicks that usually come out when political forces opposing each other happen to interact (Andrew). However, other parties such as of the Bloc Québécois MP Serge Cardin supported the bill.

Arguments from these criticism suggested that the control effect was going to affect business and fail to stop the vice after all with sarcastic critics citing laws meant to control murder yet it still occur. Many businesspersons will fear using the internet to advertise fearing that their competitors would turn their messages into spam before releasing the same to the intended recipients thus leading to unnecessary prosecutions (Neil). On his view, Hon. clement argued by saying that the business community had testified to parliament about their fears and the same considered in the final drafting of the law.

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