Essay: Law making process in Canada-Second reading

17 Oct

Essay: Law making process in Canada-Second reading

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This stage allows members of parliament to debate on the bill. Special attention is given to the finer details of the bill with any member being allowed time to give his or her views supporting or opposing what the bill seeks to give latter as a law.

Basing on how the bill has been formulated, members of parliament must ensure that the bill is okay or may propose amendments to the bill before its second reading. In the Canadian system, three types of amendments are probable. A bill may be postponed for three or six working months or the house might request the house not to give it a second hearing for certain specific causes and this is called “reasoned amendments” (Compendium). Finally, the bill could be referred to a house committee for further deliberations.

During the second reading, the house agreed that there was need to have some clauses of the C28 bill amended. The bill also affected some other acts of parliament that also needed to be amended to concur with the proposed law. This lead to referral of the bill to the responsible committee for further scrutiny and possible amendments on both the bill and the other laws that were being affected (Compendium).

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