Essay: Law making process in Canada-First reading

17 Oct

Essay: Law making process in Canada-First reading

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This marks the real beginning of law making process and happens after the notice time lapses. In the case of the anti-spam bill, introduction was made during the period set aside for “government bills” the person behind the bill is given time to give the summary of his or her bill without having to go into finer details of it although that might be done latter during subsequent debates on the bill (Compendium).

The anti-spam bill received its first reading on May 25th 2010 in the House of Commons. When introducing the bill, Hon. Tony clement, minister for industry said He further clarified that such threats have cost many people very lucrative business opportunities that are suitably boosted by the electronic media. He therefore called upon all members to consider the bill with a lot of seriousness and pass it (Eva, & Rebecca). After an introductory debate, members begun by first seeking to familiarize themselves with the bill and given more time after which they could debate on it. The bill saw the light of the day and successfully progressed into the next stage, which was the second reading

In the economical role of marketing, it is a focus on the interface of marketing between demand and supply (Peter, 2006, p. 48). Demand and supply are major components and forces of the economy. Therefore in this view, marketing plays a major role in the economy by effect it has in the creation of goods from producers to the consumers and the market exchanges between buyers and seller. Evidently, marketing within an established economy usually involves several online intermediaries like eBay (Freeman, 2004, p.62), brokers, wholesalers, and advertising agencies. For instance US economic statistics indicate that over 17 million people are employees within marketing sector and 14 milion within sales marketing. Thus revenue and wealthy generated by these persons is of high value.

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