Essay: Language and communication

11 Oct

Essay: Language and communication

Sample Essay

Delayed speech

As discussed in behavioral trends in a child’s language and communication development, a child should be able to use one to three words and understand some meanings of the words at one year. However, Barbara et al. (2000, p. 433) asserts that these developments might be much slower that what trends in age dictate. These problems are associated with hearing inabilities, language disorders such as autism that happen to be specific in targeting language development. Others include oral motor defects and other developmental disorders that are best explained in biological perspectives. They lad to delays in language and speech development implying tat if they are not well taken care of, it can lead to permanent inabilities to communicate.

 Articulation difficulties

Articulation abilities are well explained using the expressive phonology, which is very important in learning. Inability to articulate some common sounds and other primary necessities in language development is considered a communication disability (Blevins, 2004, p. 114). Affected individuals show a lot of difficulties in positioning of some words in a sentence and cannot correctly fix initial, medial or even final words. Such problems are very detrimental to learning abilities of such children thus affecting their academic performance. It also results into wrong pronunciation of syllables, sounds and even words which at time changes the entire meaning of what these individuals intended to communicate. The opposite could happen where and individual wrongly gets information from different sources specifically verbal ones.

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