Essay: Lack of information leads to wrong purchases

21 Oct

Essay: Lack of information leads to wrong purchases

Sample Essay

Most of the consumers are known to purchase items they may not need due to lack of information. This is most likely to happen to the consumers with disabilities when it happens that they have to walk searching for the information. However, this problem is slowly been solved by the invention of internet use in marketing where consumers can access the necessary information even at home. By use of computers to get information, the consumers with visual impairment have their concentration on only the part, which has large letters written.

This implies that for the other information written in small letters will not be of any use to them despite its importance.  However, the consumers can still face the problem with the use of the internet due to their poor sight and this implies that the problem of inadequate information should be solved by use of “listening to messages- audio tapes” rather than “reading messages”.  For the products, which are closely related, the consumers should have adequate information such that they are able to differentiate them and thus make the right choices when making purchases. Lack of adequate information is known among the biggest challenge these customers are facing. The use of big sized words can also be of help to offer information to the consumers with visual impairment.

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