Essay: Lack of Effective Communication Acts as Stressor

21 Oct

Essay: Lack of Effective Communication Acts as Stressor

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Lack of effective communication forces that includes feedback is a stressor at some point. Sometimes managers do not get the necessary positive feedback that they require. Or even if they get it, the manner in which it is given is not appropriate. Such managers will subject their own problems to the juniors and eventually the whole lot under that manages will definitely be stressed up. At the same time, some bosses do not commend the good work done by the juniors or just keep on giving negative comments every now and again. Workers under this situation would feel demotivated and finally this will come in a stressor. Such feedbacks may compromise ones self confidence and self esteem (Wilmer 1997).

Inability of works to balance between work and family life is in itself a stressor. Recent study carried out by the University of Maryland clearly underscores the point that majority of working parents have sacrificed to compromise the time they allocated to be with their families. In the study, over 500 employee of in a fortune company agreed that working for long hours breeds the conflict in the family (James and Peter 2007). With the under mentioned conflict stress level rises which may cause depression and underperformance. Honestly this identifies why despite the recent economic meltdown and uncertainties, life should not be built at the axis of work. Leisure and entertainments that is as will achieve in the family, serves to increase the production index of an individual through boosting confidence and self-esteem. If one juggles between family, leisure and hobbies and work, high instances of stress will not be reported (Altiman 2005).

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