Essay: Labor standards

10 Oct

Essay: Labor standards

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There is a criterion that has to be followed before an employee is dismissed from his or her job. Failure to follow this criterion may have so many implications to both the employee and employer. In the event that the employer wants to terminate the services of the employees, it may be expensive for them because they may be forced to provide money to the employees they are sending home (Hassmann, & Welch, 2006). This is because the life of these employees is going to change for some time. So at some point, when the employers experience high termination costs, they may have to put this plan on hold.

Because of the high costs involved. It would be difficult for employers to lay off employees and at the same time hire some more to work for them. A company may need to lay off more ineffective employees in order to employ a few efficient ones. This would be disrupted by the high costs incurred. (Hassmannn & Welch, 2006), found out that,  if Canada is not able to maintain collective commitment to the welfare to the future, it may end up like the United States as country where male blacks suffer a lot of human rights violation.

There are some factors that may make it difficult for employees to move easily from one company to another even when their company is doing badly (Hassmann, & Welch, 2006). If at present they are earning more money, they would be hesitant to move even in the face of glaring layoffs.

In my own opinion, the rights of every worker have to be keenly observed so as to have a productive workforce (Cornell Law School 2009). Failure to do this, would lead to more problems for both employer and employee.

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