Essay: Labor laws in Nigeria

19 Oct

Essay: Labor laws in Nigeria

Sample Essay

Labor laws in Nigeria are contained in the Bureau of International labor laws which stipulate the relationship between the employee and the employer. The conditions that dictate the manner in which the two parties relate are explained to ensure that no controversy exist between the parties concerned (Jahn 2006, pp.237-240). The English Common Law mainly defines the manner in which business operations are carried out.

Though it has been modified by statute, the Nigeria laws do not fully cater for the needs of the employees in all sectors. Some sectors have proved to be very technical to set up the necessary laws that cater for the business needs of the business. The Nigerian laws dictate that people being employed in the hotel industry may be employed on contract, which may be for an indefinite period or for a fixed amount of time or work, or definite. Such laws in the hotel industry have proved to be very elusive, unreliable and at time very ambiguous. The interpretation of such laws in the hotel industry may be left on the mercies of the law interpreters. The labor laws therefore general favor the hotel managers and the very wealthy investors in the hotel industry rather than the new entrants.

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