Essay: Knowledge of the Physical Changes Helps Psychologists

19 Oct

Essay: Knowledge of the Physical Changes Helps Psychologists

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Knowledge of the physical changes that occur in old age may help psychologists in that physical changes can impact cognitive and emotional health. The symptoms of many common health problems experienced by the elderly such as; Alzheimer’s or cancer may have related psychological problems that must be treated in order for the elder to continue functioning.

Often it is merely the physical changes alone that cause emotional problems. Someone who has spent their life focused on physical capability, or physical appearance may become depressed because they are no longer as strong or as physically attractive as they once were. Someone who spent their life caring for others may become anxious and depressed when they can no longer physically care for themselves and must be helped by others rather than helping others. By understanding physical issues psychologists can help elders confront the tasks of the final stage of life.

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