Essay: King Fahd academy-an educational trust

10 Oct

Essay: King Fahd academy-an educational trust

Sample Essay

An educational trust enjoying the trust of the late king Farad bin Abd Al- ziz was formed to govern and see the running of the school with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia funding the project (Connor, et al. 2003, p. 19). On its inception, it was registered with the British Charity commission having achieved satisfactory requirements. The school meets all the necessary regulations. The pupils are offered with a relevant balanced curriculum with enhanced moral, spiritual cultural and social development motivation (Parker-Jenkins, 1995, p. 19).

His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad Bin Nawaf Abd Al-Aziz, who is the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the court of St. James, chairs the board of trustees guiding king Farad Academy. The board of members is equipped with ample wealth of international skills in education, law, and finance from he UK and the rest of the world. It is a principle for the board to work in conjunction with the chairperson in running the affairs of the school and working towards its development (Walford, 2004, p. 27).

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