Essay: Kindness Contributes to Happiness

19 Oct

Essay: Kindness Contributes to Happiness

Sample Essay

From the reviews made in the article it is evident that kindness and happiness are closely associated in everyday life. Kind people experiences more happiness, gratitude and good memories since kindness is an important humanity strength that has great influence in subjective well being. Happiness has benefit not only on individuals but also on families, communities and the wider society.

The benefits includes; high income, high quality work performance, kindness, gratitude, social support, rich social interactions, creativity, charity, self-confident, self-control and good social relationships. Happy people display traits such as self esteem, personal control, optimism and extraversion. It is evident that happiness has three distinct types namely: pleasant life, good life and meaningful life.

It is evident from the article that the things that make individuals happy are family social relationships, friendship, financial situation, satisfying work, community, personal freedom and personal values, on inner self, attitudes, principles and philosophy of life.

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