Essay: Kidney’s demand and supply

19 Oct

Essay: Kidney’s demand and supply

Sample Essay

Postrel (2009) has clearly highlighted the existence of a gap between the demand for kidneys and their supplies. This disparity between demand and supply has resulted to various unsatisfactory implications. In essence, there seems to be long waiting lists for recipients which exceed the various donor registries’ capacities to supply.

Also, when patients’ finally reach the top of the list they are often older and sicker which limits successful kidney transplantations. As an economist, this observation leads to the development of ideas meant to equilibrate this gap and at the same time evaluating the factors causing this discrepancy. Following this mindset, it is obvious that current efforts supporting the increment of kidney donors are being encumbered by various obstacles. Even though, altruistic donors have contributed to most of the live donations over the years practitioners need to create room for more altruism. This can be done by the use of incentives or compensations for live donors.

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