Essay: Key Roles and Responsibilities for HR Professionals

10 Oct

Essay: Key Roles and Responsibilities for HR Professionals

Sample Essay


Responsibilities on the Job

Strategic Partner

  • Shows concerns for multiple stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders and the society at large
  • Understands how money gets made, spent, and lost in a global context
  • Educates managers how the value of human resources and the consequences of managing people effectively (or ineffectively)


  • Helps the organization create an environment that supports continuously learning and creativity
  • Creates new approaches to managing people, and does not rely only on what others are doing


  • Knows how to create win-win situations
  • Shares rather than competes
  • Works effectively across internal and external organizational boundaries

Change Facilitator

  • Anticipates the need for change and prepares the organization for it
  • Thinks conceptually and articulates thoughts clearly
  • Execute changes in strategy
  • Energizes others to accept and embrace change

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