Essay: Key learning goals during student placement experience

14 Oct

Essay: Key learning goals during student placement experience

Sample Essay

Mostly, as an undergraduate student there is more to learn since there is many changes that one undergoes during that transition. Most of us are not much conversant with wide reading and research activities. They do not embrace the team spirit that is essential in their acquisition of knowledge. Additionally, various approaches used like problem based learning is a nightmare to most of them.

However, most centers of learning have well experienced lecturers and professors who supervise the students. In psychological studies they promote development of research and the application of knowledge leant in psychology in real life situations (Boyd & Fales, 1983, p.102) . Hence, being provided with placement experience will help me acquire a lot in the practice of psychology.  First and foremost, I intend to acquire a lot in patient care and the quality expected.

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